12 staff members retire at DISD

We reported sometime ago that the Dayton ISD has 12 longtime employees retiring at the end of this very unusual school, We have already recognized some of those and today we have four more who have directly impacted students.

Ms. Emma Tunwar

Ms. Emma Tunwar has worked with Dayton ISD 15 years as an instructional aide at Annie Colbert Elementary. We join Dayton iSD in saluting Ms. Emma Tunwar in retirement.  

Ms. Patricia Lovell

Ms. Patricia Lovell has been at Dayton ISD 20 years as head custodian at Stephen F. Austin Elementary. Many thanks to Ms. Patricia Lovell for her hardwork and dedication.

Ms. Tammy Landrum

Ms. Tammy Landrum has worked 26 years at Dayton High School. Ms. Landrum’s best memories are the relationships she made with her students.

Ms. Michaelene Morrison

Ms. Michaelene Morrison has been employed with Dayton ISD 13 years and a total of 31 years in special education.  She helped create a Dayton special education department. Thanks to the 12 retiring Dayton employees. This has been just four of those. Congratulations to them all for their well deserved retirement

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