$15,000 in donations for DISD remote learning

Remote learning in school districts is a big deal and probably a big deal that went almost un-thought of a year ago. Then came mid-March and the first signs of the coronavirus or as many call it, the dreaded Covid-19. Then everything changed and with it remote learning went from un-thought of to high priority, In the minds of most schools school systems are now are getting a dose of both in-person learning and remote learning, oh so very different. Oh Yes, haven’t we changed even on how we educate our most valuable asset – our children. With that new emphasis carrying with it a new cost in education unthought-of of only months ago- remote learning does bear an all new cost.

Over in the Dayton schools - In recent days, some 5,500 of our finest citizens - children from pre-k to 12th grade are with their families are deciding how to deal with remote learning. This week officials of the Dayton ISD had high praise for an important local employer and industry -- Sam's Distribution Center and also for the City of Dayton for their leadership and partnership with Dayton ISD in working to make Remote Learning better and affordable for the kids of Dayton ISD. Leadership and employees of Sam's Distribution and their, about 85 employees, presented a check to Superintendent Dr. Jessica Johnson and Associate Superintendent of Business Services Tami Pierce at a recent Dayton ISD school trustees board meeting. The donation from Sam's was for $5,000 and the City of Dayton also donated $10,000 to assist Dayton ISD in purchase the significant and all new costs of remote learning.

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