2020 Census

The work on the 2020 Census is well underway Information on progress up until now indicates more than half of the households across America have already responded - and more are responding every day. Online, by telephone, and mailed in continue. However, with the nightmare of COVID – 19 pandemic, the in person work by the US Census Bureau and come to a halt. Now under the guidance of some Federal agencies the census effort has have resumed operations. Information provided from FEMA, as well as State and Local authorities, are being used to determine timing. The US Census Bureau has released a dateline for when they will resume in person contact with residents for areas around the country, however, Texas does not yet have a date set to resume door to door Census operations.  The easiest and most important thing to happen is going on-line to get the job done before the Census Bureau staff has to come by the homes of those who have not filled out their census report. Most who have completed this important document say it is about a ten minute effort.  

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