38 New COVID

Monday’s report from the state health department released to the Liberty County Emergency Management indicates 38 new confirmed cases of Covid has pushed Liberty County’s  total cases now to over 600. That number has reached 616 diagnosed cases of Coronavirus.  Of those, 260 are active while 353 patients are reported to have recovered.  Of these 38 new cases just confirmed, 20 are male while 18 are female. We have had several calls from listeners and viewers questioning our reports on Liberty County deaths from the coronavirus since mid-March. That’s when officials began keeping records of the pandemic. We talked to Liberty County Judge Jay Knight who gave this assessment –  If a person dies from symptoms of Covid–19 and even though they died in another state – after the address is traced to Liberty County that death is added to this county. He did say sometimes it take a while to back trace these causes of death and get the word to that counties record keeping.  So far 3 coronavirus deaths are linked to this county and that has not changed since the first month.  Liberty County Judge Jay Knight said he has a personal acquaintance who died recently from Covid 19. He knows that person had a Liberty County address but so far that death has not yet made it back to the Liberty County records.  The County Judge is certain that death will be added to the Liberty County records when given enough time. Again, when Monday’s report was released –it indicates Liberty County has 38 new confirmed cases for a new total of 616 cases overall.   

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