$430 million dollar project eyeing Dayton

Possible site

A Texas company that converts plastic products, mostly plastic waste, into products used in the production of diesel fuel and industrial wax among other items, is looking seriously at Dayton with the possibility of a $430 million investment. The company, Brightmark Plastics Renewal Texas LLC, is asking for a tax abatement from the city of Dayton. The company is considering 100-acre sites, one of which is in Dayton, on which it would invest about $430,000,000 in real and personal property, including land acquisition and utility improvements. The proposed industry would include an enclosed Feedstock Preparation building and an adjacent open-sided, roofed Plastic Conversion System reactor and distillation canopy.

The definition of that will come later. The estimated investment in building and also non-removable components of buildings is $40,200,000 and then about $13,000,000 in land acquisition. Investments in machinery, equipment and fixtures add $353,000,000 and an additional $10,400,000 in Emissions Control Equipment. This just keeps getting bigger with another estimated investment of $15,000,000 in utilities improvement. The project would result in at least 10 positions and then about 110 new jobs within five years of the beginning of commercial operations. If the Gulf Inland Industrial Park site in Dayton is selected for the Brightmark Plastics Renewal project, construction is estimated to begin in the first quarter of 2021 with completion by years-end, 2024.

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