6, 7, 8 and possibly 9

On Monday, yesterday Liberty County got their Sixth, Seventh, and eighth confirmed case of Coronavirus. According to officials at the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management, the 6th case is a female 40-50 years of age who lives in North Liberty County. The State Health Department report on her said, she shows mild symptoms and is being isolated at home. The seventh case is a male 40 to 50 years old who also in the North end of Liberty County. The man is currently experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating at home. The Eighth confirmed COVID-19 is a female 50 to 60 year’s old, living in North Liberty County. She is also experiencing mild symptoms and is isolating at home. It should be noted that the OEM does not break down the cases by towns as do other jurisdictions around us. Those jurisdictions such as Chambers County have a local public health department. Liberty County does not have a public health department and relies on the Department of State Health Services. The DSHS does not disclose those details in their reporting while many other sources do.

With more than 40 years of collecting news in this area, KSHN.COM has developed sources we both know and trust, who also trust us. With that, we have learned there is a possible 9th case in the Moss Bluff area. This is called a presumptive positive. Of the 8 confirmed cases in the county, four are in the Cleveland area, 3 are in the Tarkington area, and 1 in the Dayton area.  In addition, that one case referred to as a presumptive positive has not yet made the State Health Services list. That person is in Moss Bluff. To date despite 8 confirmed cases there has not been a single fatality in Liberty County. The same can be said for Chambers County despite their 11 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

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