8 3 20 COVID Update

Monday morning August 3rd, The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management issued their latest details on how the Coronavirus has impacted Liberty County. Now there is a total of 770 confirmed cases of Covid 19 in this county.  Of these, 324 are considered to be active.  The number of recovered cases is up now to 421. There have been 22 new cases since our last countywide report in Liberty County.  Of those 11 were from the north end of the county and the same, 11 more, are from the south end.  8 of the new cases were men and 14 were women. The hardest hit age group, in this latest report were folks in their 30’s and their 40’s. Both age groups reported 6 new cases each. Those in the 20 years olds was 3 new cases, 50 and 60 year olds reported 2 cases per age group.  Those over age 70 also reported 2 new cases.  One new case was reported for those between 10 and 20 years of age. Again 22 new confirmed coronavirus cases for a new total overall of 770 since mid-March when the counts began. The total number of deaths in Liberty County of covid-19 symptoms is now 25.    

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