A 1/4 of a million in grants

In the last 12 years, the Liberty ISD Education Foundation has given $226,500 in grants to teachers in the district. The grants give LISD teachers funding for innovative ideas to help kids but not provided for in the school district budget. Education Foundation Executive Director Bruce Wright a recent Party Line guest said the largest grant given by the foundation to a teacher went to the band and was for $29,000. He says the LISD foundation raises money through fundraisers such as the Freedom bike ride, purse raffle, and annual gala. In addition to those fundraisers, the executive director says the foundation also receives small, medium,  and large gifts from individuals in the community. The foundation was created in 2007 through a gift from the Miles Foundation. To date, the Foundation has provided grants to innovative LISD teachers, as we mentioned earlier, that total $226,500. 

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