A word of caution

Here is a word of caution. Its very important -  If you are planning to evacuate that’s  a good idea but DO NOT post your plans on social media.  The reason is simple, while you may be telling loved ones your plans, so that they will not worry, criminals who are trolling social media now will know that your home will be vacant. These bad guy are familiar with key words that we use on our social media platforms. Some of us even post our addresses on our information pages, giving these crooks an even easier time. Advice from law enforcement officials is very simple and clear.  DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON SOCIAL MEDIA that would indicate that you are not at home. Period. If you need to let friends and family know where you are, and that you are all OK, do it the old fashioned way, with a phone call. It is important – no doubt, but that cell phone can be used privately for that kind of very  important message. Again, it’s not a message, ever, for social media.

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