Adventures with Ellen

One of our most interesting Party Lines in along time was held last week and you can see it again on our YouTube channel, KSHN News. Our guest was Ellen Falterman, world class adventurer and native of Tarkington. She recently completed a solo canoe journey from Kansas City Missouri to the highway 105 bridge in Liberty County, taking in total 4 and a half months. In 2019, she began her journey, in Minnesota and canoed to St. Louis Missouri. At that time she found her grandmother was ill. She left her gear in St. Louis and headed home to spend time with her family. Unfortunately she did lose her grandmother just a couple months later. This year, she picked up the journey again, this time traveling on from Kansas City to Liberty County in 4 and a half months, alone, by canoe. With hurricanes along the way, Ellen Falterman.

Ellen Falterman admits, it looks crazy, but at the same time, she encourages others to expand their worlds, and explore their own adventures.

Next up for this young pilot adventurer? She’s going to row AROUND THE WORLD. Yes, row – around the world. We’ll talk about that, in our next report on Ellen. If you’d like to follow Ellen Falterman’s journeys, she has both a Facebook page and a website, search for her on Facebook, and links to her other online sites are available on her Facebook page.

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