AG rules against Plum Grove

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton has advised the north Liberty County incorporated city of Plum Grove they cannot barricade county roads to Colony Ridge subdivision which denied residents access to CR 3479 and CR 5187.  Both of those roads turn off of Paul Campbell Loop. County workers from commissioners Precinct 3 removed the city of Plum Groves barricades as well as the aggregate used to block the roads on Tuesday afternoon of this week.  The back story on this issue is that on August 17th, the Plum Grove City Council voted unanimously to close the two roads. That was to block traffic from the Colony Ridge subdivision.  This was said to have been done so the city could make repairs to Plum Grove City streets. Tension between the City of Plum Grove and Trey Harris, the developer of Colony Ridge came to a head this past Sunday when reports indicate that 3 people were arrested, one for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. That was when the road barricades were first placed. Plum Grove Mayor Lee Ann Penton Walker contended that the subdivision developer was never authorized to be build the roads.  Now the attorney General of Texas has confirmed the cdity of plum Grove can not barricade County roads of Colony Ridge.  Our friends at the Bluebonnet News spoke with Liberty County Attorney Matthew Poston, who said – quote “The Attorney General told the County that we have the authority and duty to remove any obstructions on county roads. We have determined that the obstructions were clearly outside of city limits and were county roads that had been accepted previously by the County,”- end quote The removal of the barricades came after an emergency meeting by Liberty County Commissioners Court on Tuesday morning during which commissioners discussed legal remedies for the barricaded county roads. One barricaded road, County Road  5000, remains closed for now and County Attorney Matthew Poston believes that litigation with the City of Plum Grove is a possibility. Commissioners authorized Poston to get legal council to represent Liberty County.

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