American Conservative Union Rates Congressmen Babin received a news release yesterday from the American Conservative Union Foundation saying the Congressman Dr. Brian Babin had achieved a very high ranking with his congressional votes according to that conservative organization. The latest ranking for congress in the release was the year of 2019.  Babin who is from Woodville, represents  congressional district #36 that includes Liberty County. The 2019 ratings showed that Dr. Babin had voted conservative 89% of the time. The release also said that in his five years in Congress Babin had voted conservatively 92.38 % of the time.  Texas Senator John Cornyn who is a major player in the US Senate scored 73% of his votes in 2019 that satisfied the Conservative Union Foundation. In Cornyn’s 17 year career in Congress as Texas Senator he has voted conservative enough 88.36% percent of the time to satisfy the American Conservative Union Foundation.