Artist heads for "Higher Ground"

We reported Tuesday that work has begun on the big water tank mural located at the intersection of Clayton and Winfree in Dayton. Home grown artist Mary Victoria Fielder Taylor tells us how she is beginning the big mural construction. Mrs. Taylor says she draws the same grid but on a smaller painting. Mary will use chalk or charcoal pencil to freehand the lines inside the grid. Now comes the timed to start painting. Mary says she is using a cool indigo color along with a warm ochre color. Now she’s ready for the final step. Actuality: Fielder Taylor Final Colors Most of Mary’s work on this large mural will be done with her elevated in a City of Dayton lift truck. When finished with her creation, everyone can enjoy this beautiful mural that depicts the legendary 2017 Hurricane Harvey cattle drive from the flooded Trinity River Bottom to what was described as Higher Ground in Dayton.  

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