AWOS at Liberty Airport

As we have reported there have been a number of improvements at the Liberty Municipal Airport in recent years, leading to increased airport traffic. Liberty City Manager Tom Warner, on a recent Party Line, said the next improvement for the airport is an automated weather system, called AWOS. Mr. Warner said the city of Liberty is approved for the grant and now only need a final approval for payment from the April meeting of the Txdot - Highway committee. In taking a look at the airport progress we referred to, City Manager Warner said Fuel sales have increased since 2016 when the airport sold around  $147,000. That figure climbed to a projection of $197,000 plus in fuel sales for this year 2020. The 20 airplane hangers remain full, and now there is even a waiting list for those wanting to get a hanger. Overall, Mr. Warner said air traffic has steadily increased in recent years.

Again, the City of Liberty will receive a grant to install an Automated Weather Operation System at the Liberty Municipal Airport. Once installed the AWOS will benefit not only the City of Liberty but other cities in south Liberty County with more accurate weather information

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