Broncos Coach Blake Ware

In his first year as head coach for the Dayton Broncos, Blake Ware acknowledges his charges have struggled. From the start of the season this Southwest Liberty County football team has faced many really tough opponents and come up short each match up. Even so, for Bronco watchers, as this season has progressed, the team has become more cohesive, and the scores show that. In their last game, Friday night, the Broncos put 35 points on the board, the most for the Dayton team this season. Coach Blake Ware said it’s a new feeling for him as well, but ultimately, it’s about seeing the changes in the athletes as they meld into a solid working unit.

This coming Friday- November 13 - the Broncos travel to Nederland to take on the Bulldogs. Then November 20, the Texas City Stingrays travel to Dayton. On the 27th of November, that’s the day after Thanksgiving, the Eagles of Barbers Hill make the journey up The John Otto Expressway – that’s State Highway 146 - to Dayton. Then, the Broncos finish out the late starting season, on the road in Kingwood Park – that’s Friday December 4. Win or loose, we hope the Dayton fans will support their Broncos. These young men, and their coaches, are trying so hard in this, so very, complex season to build a winning program, and with it build some winning adults proud to call Dayton Texas home.