Cattle once again headed for "Higher Ground" in Dayton

Mary Victoria Fielder-Taylor

Dayton Artist Mary Victoria Fielder-Taylor has completed the large thought provoking mural she painted on the ground level water storage tank on East Clayton Street near Winfree in Dayton. The project known as “Higher Ground” is funded by a grant from the Dayton Community Development Corporation. Mary Victoria Fielder-Taylor told her inspiration came from a TV report she saw during Hurricane Harvey, in August of 2017, three years ago. of the famous cattle drive from the Trinity River bottom up the high and into Dayton. In the TV interview that was seen around the world, local cattleman Pat Hencey and his dogs and with help from a number of mostly local cowboys drove several hundred head of cattle down Highway 90 through the city of Dayton to, as one cowboy said, quote – Higher Ground. Mrs. Taylor who was raised in Dayton says the mural she created, tells a story of hope and resilience in times of disastrous hardship. The artist is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Fielder. As reported earlier, Mary first used a pencil drawing to lay out the 18 foot x 30 foot mural then used oil paint to fill in mural. Again, Mary Fielder-Taylor completed her Higher Ground mural near the corner of East Clayton and Seakamp near Winfree Streets in Dayton. The project was funded by the DCDC.