Chambers County steps up for a pup

To protect and serve, it is the motto of law enforcement agencies across the country. Daily law enforcement is called upon to help their fellow man or woman, or dog. What? Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne reports Monday afternoon his office got a call from someone worried about an animal. The caller said there was a dog howling, crying and in distress. The Chambers County Marine Unit, along with Animal Control Officer headed to the area of Cotton Lake and they were also able to hear the dog whining. A search of the densely vegetated area resulted in the location of “Dude.” The little Beagle or Beagle cross “Dude” was wearing a collar that had his owner’s contact information, and was safely returned home to his family.

Sheriff Hawthorn said he recognizes the importance of fur family members and he was very proud of the efforts of the Marine Unit, the Animal Control Officer and a jail trustee in searching the area to locate “Dude”.

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