City of Liberty Proposed Lower Tax Rate

The Liberty City Council met for their regular meeting on Tuesday August 11th, Two items on the agenda concerned a resolution for a slightly lower proposed tax rate for fiscal year 2020/2021. A date is set for a public hearing on that proposed lower tax rate. The date for the Public hearing on the tax rate has been scheduled for Tuesday August 25th, at 6:00PM. Here is the hard facts. The current property tax rate is .5851 or said more clearly, 58 ½ cents property tax per each $100 of assessed tax value. That’s the existing rate and then Tuesday night the Liberty City Council proposed the property tax rate be lowered slightly to .5813 or more clearly to 58 and 1/10th cents per $100 of property value.  Even with the lower tax rate, the city expects to see a 3% increase in overall revenue. City Chief financial officer Naomi Harrington said the city will still have a 3 percent increase in overall revenue even with the slight decrease in the tax rate. She said that increase in revenue comes mostly because of an overall increase in appraised values of property in the city. During the discussion for setting the date for the public hearing, Mayor Pickett pointed out that the chambers would be set up to provide proper social distancing and that all those who choose to attend would be required to wear a face mask. On tomorrow’s newscast, we will report another matter that was bought up at Tuesday’s council meeting.  This concerns a grant authorizing the expenditure of funds for some very impressive capital improvements with the funds to come from the Cambridge Fund of which we have often reported.

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