City of Liberty repeals controversial ordinance

At Tuesday’s meeting of Liberty City Council, the issue of the cities occupancy ordinance came up again. We reported in early November that several citizens attended the council meeting to object to the requirements of the policy. At that meeting, city council said they would look at the ordinance again. Tuesday night, the agenda item called for the rescission of the residential occupancy ordinance, in its entirety.

City Council member Libby Simonson, speaking with City Attorney Brandon Davis asked, had they repealed, with the Tuesday night vote, the entire controversial ordinance. City Attorney Brandon Davis said Tuesday vote did in fact repeal the all sections of the residential occupancy ordinance, the electrical inspection requirement, which brought even more complaints this past Tuesday night, was not a part of this vote. That section of city code remains in effect. In future news we will report on why these inspections are causing trouble for the City of Liberty.

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