Color K9 Red

During these disturbing days of COVID-19 virus news we find the majority of the adult population is focused on the larger picture of safety, prevention and hopefully soon, cure for this virus that has claimed so many victims in its wake. And during these stressful times it is quite possible that one small group of our population, too young to fully grasp the severity of this global disruption, is a little bit overlooked as they find themselves bound to the home and running out of games to play and to occupy their time and young talents.It is with this thought in mind that Liberty County Reserve Deputy William Hall, his wife Jeanette and children who have in recent past donated from their family-owned business, air conditioners and bicycles to those in need, felt they might be able to help in some small way to occupy the time of these little ones by creating something that would not only honor the Easter Season but give young children some insight into what the “good guys” on the front lines of today’s Pandemic threat are doing to help protect them and their families. While at the same time feature an all- volunteer organization such as the Multi-County Crime Stoppers who support these front line “good guys” on a daily basis.Putting their thinking caps on, the Hall’s came up with this coloring book type depiction of the recently sworn in Liberty County Sheriff’s Public Relations K-9 Red aka Sgt. Tipster coloring page that would be worthy of a place of honor on any kitchen refrigerator door that was proudly colored by any child or Grandchild. It is the hope of the Hall’s that this small gesture will help in some way occupy the time of some children by having someone print off the picture and give their young ones the latitude to color away to their hearts’ content. For who knows what this light-hearted effort might do. There could possibly be a future Rembrandt or Picasso or other great visual artist safely tucked away in our now secured homes just waiting for their young talent to be recognized through this simple and light-hearted effort to bring a proud and accomplished smile to the face of some young child.

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