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Yesterday morning, at the regular meeting of Liberty County Commissioners, these county leaders unanimously approved an agreement with a company known as Detain Incorporated for an estimated $15,000. That is a jail management consultancy company. Liberty County Judge Jay Knight and Sheriff Bobby Rader indicated, after a lengthy discussion with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, it was clear Liberty County should, in fact, have a jail management consulting firm. Also yesterday, commissioners approved purchase of a new specially equipped, Dodge Durango, for the sheriffs departments K9 unit at a cost of $45,452. Those funds will come from the Liberty County Sheriffs Department’s forfeiture fund – that is money recovered from criminals and used for law enforcement purposes countywide. In other action, commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with a nearby neighbor, Hardin County for overflow inmates of the Liberty County jail to be housed at that county’s facility. County Attorney Matthew Poston said he felt the contract was good, and at a cost of approximately $40 per day per inmate, what would be charged for Liberty County’s inmates would be right about Hardin County’s cost. County Attorney Poston encouraged commissioners to approve the contract as did Sheriff Bobby Rader. Commissioners did approve the measure with a unanimous vote. Also on yesterdays agenda was a similar inter-local agreement for housing jail inmates, but this time with another neighbor, Jefferson County. Commissioner Greg Arthur said the Liberty County jail houses over 300 prisoners and it stays full most all of the time. Having these inter-local agreements assures law enforcement agencies in Liberty Co. they have extra jail space when needed. County Attorney Matthew Poston and Sheriff Bobby Rader both indicated they have not seen a contract yet, however, based on advice from the county attorney, commissioners approved the interlocal agreement contingent on County Attorney Matthew Postons’ approval once the contract is submitted by Jefferson County.

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