Commissioners do not approve ESD Election

Liberty County commissioners met Tuesday with Judge Jay Knight presiding. Commissioners Bruce Karbowski, Greg Arthur, as well as Judge Knight were in the court room, while Commissioners attending the meeting, virtually on Zoom, were Leon Wilson and James “Boo” Reeves. The most important news was that Commissioners took no action on an attempt to put an emergencies services district issue up for a public vote in November for the Plum Grove area. The issue failed to get a second to a motion that was a necessary step towards allowing a public vote in November. Because of that County Attorney Matthew Poston told KSHN that in his opinion the issue will not be on the ballot in November. County Commissioner Bruce Karbowski said one problem was there is an overlap of two taxing districts. If both were approved some Plum Grove residents, where the overlap occurs, could be double taxed with that boundary overlap. Karbowski said if the overlap was fixed he thinks such an emergency services district might be a better idea. In other news before county commissioners Tuesday also heard a proclamation from US Congressman Brian Babin honoring the life and service of former Texas State Representative John Otto. Otto’s family will receive a US Flag that flew over the Capitol Building in Washington as well as a proclamation saluting his life of service, which was read into the congressional record. The proclamation will also be on file permanently in the Library of Congress.  Most of the other items on the 11 item agenda Tuesday were business items and were approved unanimously,

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