Commissioners hold emergency meeting for ambulance service

In an emergency meeting held this afternoon, Liberty County Commissioners has hired Allegiance Ambulance service to provide the unincorporated areas of the county with ambulance service. Liberty County Attorney Matthew Poston said liberty county emergency medical services, having recently cut their ambulances back from the contract required 3 to only 2 ambulances to cover the entire county, was in breach of contract. The contract with Liberty County EMS was a payment per month from the county to the service for $77,000 per month. County Attorney Poston said this has resulted in a significant increase in response time. An emergency meeting was called, and Allegiance provided an agreement for short term contract for 70,000 per month. This would provide fully staffed 5 basic care ambulances, one mobile intensive care unit and a paramedic in a chase care. Commissioners approved the emergency, temporary contract with allegiance for ambulance service for the county effective immediately.

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