Commissioners Indicted for Nepotism

Monday of this week, Liberty County Precinct 1 Commissioner Bruce Karbowski was indicted by a Liberty County Grand Jury on a charge of Nepotism. The accusation which caused the investigation and now indictment was the alleged hiring of Commissioner Precinct 2 Greg Arthur’s son for a job opening on Commissioner Karbowski’s staff. We are told the son was hired for a temporary job to weld metal cabinets at the Liberty County Jail.  Commissioner Karbowski told investigators he did not actually hire Commissioner Arthur’s son. That was done by his precinct foreman, or superintendent. It’s that supervisor who does the hiring.  The \Commissioner does have the final say when necessary. We are told, by one source, that Karbowski asked the county attorney about hiring a fellow commissioner’s son. That has not been confirmed.  We also learned the question of nepotism is somewhat confusing with two separate opinions from the Attorney Generals office that seem to contradict each other. KSHN attempted to contact County Attorney Matthew Poston and District Attorney Logan Pickett for clarification of the charges as well as other circumstances surrounding the indictment of Commissioner Karbowski.  So far we have not been successful.  It is our understanding however that County Attorney Poston is trying to get an interpretation of the conflicting opinions with the AG’s office. Nepotism, we are told, is a Class B misdemeanor. If convicted, Commissioner Karbowski would have to resign his position. We will attempt to get further clarification on this charge.