Coronavirus Myths

There are a number of falsehoods getting social media attention about the Coronavirus. Marcy de Luna with the Houston Chronicle created a list with some of those myths. She did it right by consulting with experts with the World Heath Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and Johns Hopskins Medicine. Today we will talk about five of the myths that her report focused on. Myth 1 claims falsely: There is a vaccine already available to cure COVID-19. That’s the technical name for coronavirus.  The fact is there is absolutely not a vaccine available for the new coronavirus. Scientists are working tirelessly on a vaccination but nothing yet.  Scientists believe it will take months to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective. That is according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. Myth 2 – another falsehood: A facemask will protect you from Coronavirus. According to the World Health Organization – thats WHO - wearing disposable surgical masks is not recommended. They don’t fit tightly, making it possible for infected respiratory droplets of COVID-19 to get into the nose, mouth or eyes. That is according to those who know,  the Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore Maryland. Myth 3 is another false claim. It is not safe to receive a letter or package from China. Based on careful analysis, WHO reported that coronavirus does not survive long on objects and so it is not a threat to receive packages coming to the US from China, or other distant countries.  Myth 4 is the falsehood that hand dryers are effective in killing the new coronavirus. There is a scientific certainty that heat from hand dryers is not effective in killing COVID-19. But to help protect yourself against the new coronavirus, you should frequently wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub, according to WHO. The alcohol based hand rub should have more than a 50% alcohol base. Another piece of advice and this one is true. You might consider to avoid shaking hands. Myth # 5 – also proven to be a falsehood.   If you Spray alcohol or chlorine all over you body – that will kill the new coronavirus. Again this provably false. In fact doing so could be more harmful to your mucous membranes, including your eyes and mouth. That comes from the scientists at the World Health Organization or WHO. Those are five myths related to coronavirus that Marcy de Luna of the Houston Chronicle investigated through some of the worlds very best scientists.

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