Now three more COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Liberty County. Now pushing towards 100 cases, Liberty County Emergency Management officials report cases 93rd though 95th of the Coronavirus have tested positive. The 93rd case is a man, 60 to 70 years of age, living in the north part of Liberty County. Emergency Management Director Crista Beasley – Adams says that man is undergoing treatment in the hospital. The 94th case is a man, much younger, 20-30 years of age. He too lives in north Liberty County and is under treatment, quarantined at home. The third confirmed diagnosis is case #95, a woman 60 to 70 years old in South Liberty County. She is also being treated at home. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, 524 Liberty countians have been tested, returning 95 positive cases.  421 of those have come back negative for COVID-19, and 11 more test results are pending. Out of the 95 positive cases of COVID-19, 50 people have recovered. Liberty County still is on hold with 3 deaths attributed to the COVID-19. 

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