COVID 19 Testing May 12

The Texas Department of Health Services will be back in Liberty testing for COVID-19 Tuesday, May 12th   The Covid-19 test is free, however those getting the very important Coronavirus test must make a reservation online or by phone. To make reservations online visit If you would like to reserve your spot by telephone, call 512-883-2400. The Liberty Fire Station is at 1912 Lakeland Drive. The test will only take minutes and is FREE. According to Air Force National Guard Captain Jerrod Tabor who directed operations for tests done here on Sunday said those tested should have results in 1 to 3 days by txt or email. Again, to make reservations online go to TXCOVIDTEST.ORG or call 512-883-2400. This FREE COVID-19 testing opportunity is for anyone within the sound of our voice. Again, the Texas Department of Health Services will be in Liberty again on Tuesday, May 12th to test anyone for COVID-19. Free testing will be from 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. You can make reservations online at TXCOVIDTEST.ORG or call 512-883-2400.  Air Force Captain Tabor said this location is more convenient than most. He said they have done testing in pastures, parking lots, rodeo arenas and other hard to operate locations. In Liberty drive through the fire department work bays and never leave the vehicle. It takes about 3 minutes. If not pre-registered it may take 10 minutes for everything.  

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