COVID 19 Vaccine?

Last week  the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sent letters to every state advising them to be prepared for the release of a Covid 19 Vaccine, as soon as November 1st. In Texas, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is working with the CDC to prepare for a large scale distribution of a Covid 19 vaccine. The goal is to be fully operational by November 1st. The pharmaceutical distributor, McKesson Corporation, based here in Texas, will be handling the logistics of getting the vaccine to state and local health departments, medical facilities and doctors offices. Similar to the way the Covid 19 tests were administered, the first to receive the vaccine will be those considered most at the most risk. Initial vaccines will be distributed to higher risk patients such as nursing home residents, senior citizens and those with under lying health conditions. There is still a lot that is unknown about this new  vaccine, including how long it will be effective and how long any immunity it offers will last. Add to the fact that we are now entering the flu season. That new vaccine is considered to be a good strong vaccine, but still it does not guarantee that patients are protected from the flu. Of course, medical experts suggest that everyone should get flu shots, because despite rumors that a Covid vaccine would be effective against the flu. One of the biggest concerns is the convergence of the Covid 19 pandemic and a bad flu season which could over strain medical resources.

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