COVID continues in increase in Liberty County

Crista Beasley – Adams of the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management released the latest report Monday with 41 new cases of coronavirus on how Covid has affected Liberty County for a five day period. In that report, released late Tuesday September 8th. The total number of cases in Liberty County since Mid-march stands now is 1464.  The number of deaths of County residents who now have died attributable to Covid has climbed to 46.  The latest report now show 780 cases are considered to be active cases 8nder treatment,  while 638 Liberty Countians are listed as having recovered from the disease that has changed so many lives. These latest weekly report marked changes over the past 5 days, from September 3rd thru September 7th. Again that number of 41 new cases revealed in the Monday report included 12 on Wednesday September 3rd,– On Thursday September 4th the official count from the state health report revealed 18 new cases, and then on September 5 there were 11 more new cases diagnosed. Due to the Labor Day holiday no reports were prepared for September 6th and 7th. Of the new cases, 18 came from Liberty County’s North end while 23 had addresses from the South end. 19 of the new cases were male and 19 were female. The gender of 3 of the new cases was not disclosed in those summaries of cases from Liberty County.  20 of the new cases were found in folks under the age of 40, and 21 cases were found in folks over 40 years of age.  The 20 to 30 years old group saw the highest number of new cases with 12.  Repeating, the virus continues its rampage with 41new cases of Covid 19 found in our county.  780 are active while there have been 638 recoveries. 46 county residents have died with symptoms indicating covid 19 as key factor in their passing.

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