COVID in Liberty Co. Continues to climb

On August 20th, the latest numbers were released concerning the Covid 19 outbreak. They come to us from the Liberty County Emergency Management office. New cases since our last report is 30 local residents.  With those added, the total number of positive cases, since reporting began back in mid- March stands, as of today, at 1092 of county citizens are confirmed cases of this virus in Liberty County. The state health department reports 494 of these cases are described as active, while 559 cases have recovered. The number of fatalities here in Liberty County is now 39 since the count began in Mid – March of this year. Again, the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management reports that there were 30 new Covid cases detected in our county.  Of those new cases, 8 were from the north part of the county and 22 were from the south end. 14 of the new cases were male, while 16 were female. The age break down shows that 1 new case was found in someone under age 10, 1 in the 10-20 age groups. 7 in their 20’s, 4 are in their 30’s. 7 of these latest confirmations of Liberty Countians are in their 50’s, 3 are folks in their 60’s as well as 3 in their 70’s and another 3 in their 80’s. 1 of these newest cases was found in someone over 80. Repeating again this horrible virus referred to as covid has now been found in 1092 residents of Liberty County since March. 559 cases are listed as recovered. Unfortunately 39 Liberty County residents have died due to symptoms of the coronavirus.

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