COVID on the rise

The word Tuesday from Crista Beasley Adams –director of the Liberty County Emergency management office is that, according to Department of State Health Services, that Liberty County is experiencing a rise in Covid 19 cases countywide compared to this time a month go. 113 new cases of the Coronavirus have been confirmed in this period of past week in Liberty County. 67 of those came over the weekend. That gives the county a total, since Mid-march, when the official count first began, of 2286 cases.. However it is important to note that of those total cases 2086 are now said to have recovered.

131 are considered to be active and still undergoing treatment. These cases are specifically confirmed as coronavirus. Here in Liberty County confirmed coronavirus patients have resulted in death for 69 patients since the count began in Mid-march. Again the state health department says Liberty County has 113 new covid cases this past week.... bringing the overall total of coronavirus cases in Liberty County since March to 2286 . Only 131 of those patients are considered still being treated for covid. However, 69 patients have died from the symptoms of this terrible disease.

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