COVID Tops 1,000

A milestone never wanted nor sought was reached over the weekend as the number of Liberty County residents who have tested positive for Covid 19 has topped 1000. That state health department count for Liberty County officially stands now at 1017 since the count began in mid-March. In this latest report from the Liberty County Emergency Management office 460 cases are said to be active, More than half, 531 cases, are now reported as having recovered and 36 Liberty County residents have died with symptoms of Covid. The latest release from the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management indicates that this latest update, received Monday morning, has 23 new cases of Covid.  7 are from the north end of this county while 16 are from the south end.  Of the new cases reported 6 are male, 15 female and the gender of 2 was not disclosed. 1 case reported was someone younger than 10 years of age, 3 between 11 and 20, 7 in their 20’s, 3 in their 30’s, 6 in their 40’s, 1 in their 50’s, 2 were aged in their 60’s and 1 in their 70’s. Repeating, the Monday report shows 23 new cases of Covid 19 were confirmed in Liberty County. That brings the total number of cases overall since mod-March to be 1017.  460 cases are considered active, 531 are being reported as recovered and 36 Liberty County resident are dead due to this horrific virus.

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