COVID Tops 1,200

The number of Liberty County residents who have tested positive for Covid 19 has increased by 57 to a total of 1207 in the latest report released by Crista Beasley Adams director the Liberty County Office of Emergency Management. There are now 609 ceases considered active and 559 listed as recovered.  There have been 39 Liberty County residents who have died from the coronavirus.  Of the 57 New Cases, 25 are men, 30 are women and the gender of 2 others was not included. 20 of the new cases are from the north end of the county while 37 come from the southern half of Liberty County. Of the 57 new cases, 36 are under the age of 40. Repeating, there have been 57 new cases of Covid 19 in Liberty County. Repeating, Since the numbers of Covid 19 cases began being reported by the state health department back in mid-March there are now 1207 Liberty County residents who have tested positive, 57 were in the Monday report