COVID Tops 1,400

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Covid 19:   The Liberty County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has issued the latest update of Covid 19 cases countywide.  Due to Hurricane Laura, new case numbers were not released during that emergency. Now let’s take a look at this latest case update. On August 25th there were 37 new cases, then August 26th and 27th 5 new cases were reported each day.  Then came a new one day high of 120 cases of this beast was reported on August 28th. On August 29th another 40 new cases tested positive. So now a total of 1414 cases of Covid 19 have been confirmed in Liberty County. In total, during that 5 day period 207 new cases of Covid 19 were diagnosed in Liberty County.  Of those, 120 were from the north end of the county and 87 were from the south end. 90 of the new cases were men and 106 women.  Then in 11 cases, the gender was not identified. There are 734 cases considered to be active with 638 cases listed as recovered.  42 of our fellow Liberty Countians have died from this virus. 122 of the new cases were under 40 years of age.  So the horrible news continues as 207 new cases of Covid have been confirmed in the county from August 25th through August 29th. Again, the overall total in Liberty County since mid-March is now 1414.  42 of our fellow residents of the county have passed away from this monstrous disease.

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