COVID Update

According to The Liberty County emergency management office the Texas Department of Health Services did not do up-dates on new confirmed cases of Covid 19 from the day before Thanksgiving through Monday November 30 which gives this report an inflated number. This latest report, received yesterday, indicates 133 news cases in Liberty County have been confirmed as a result of those extra days. That gives Liberty County now an overall total of 2173 confirmed cases since record keeping began back in Mid- march of this year.

Of those, the report from Emergency Management director for Liberty County Crista Beasley Adams, tells us 135 are still undergoing active treatment for coronavirus, while 1 9 7 0 cases are counted as having recovered. Those Liberty County residents who has died from symptoms of Covid stands now at 68 with Liberty County addresses, since the record keeping began. Again, the state health department took some time off for Thanksgiving through the holiday weekend – When the numbers were calculated for all last week and thru Monday November 30th there were 133 new confirmed cases. Of those, 53 were male and 79 were female- there was one other person whose gender was not given for the 133 new cases. The total number to have died from symptoms of the covid virus here in Liberty county since record keeping began in Mid-March, is 68.