COVID Update 7 27 20

Liberty County was blasted by new reports of coronavirus cases in a Monday morning   reported here on KSHN shortly after 10 am Monday.  That’s when we first reported from Texas State department of health services, through the office of   Liberty County emergency management coordinator Crista Beasley Adams, that 29 new confirmed cases of COVID are reported since our last update.  We also learned that the State Health Department has now begun to catch up with fatality reports that have been running behind because of the work load in Austin. With the updated death related cases we can report now there are 17 confirmed deaths of residents from this county attributed to the beast known as Covid-19.   The confirmed cases since last Friday is 29 new cases bringing the overall number of covid cases, since all of this began in Mid-March, to a stunning 702 just from this one small county.  Of the 702 total, 268 cases are active, while 417 Liberty County Citizens have recovered from the virus.  Of these 29 latest cases diagnosed, 16 are from north Liberty County while 13 were from the south end. 13 are male and 14 are female. The gender of two patients was not on the report. The age category with the most patients is between 30 and 40 with nine confirmed cases from Liberty County and the rest of those 29 were evenly distributed from under ten to over 80 years of age.  Again, thats 29 new confirmed cases countywide 702 overall since March And now 17 fatalities are defined as being covid related.      

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