Crime Stoppers provide new protection gear to Liberty County SRT

A short time ago we reported the Dayton Police Depart received a grant for body armor to keep Dayton PD officers safer with higher level of quality body armor. Now we can report The Multi-County Crime Stopper Organization stepped forward to provide similar protection for the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department’s special response team. The Multi County Crime stoppers Organization includes three counties, Montgomery, San Jacinto and Liberty Counties are not only known for their success in helping get felony offenders and illegal drugs off the streets through citizen tipsters, they also often come to the financial aid of law enforcement agencies when there’s a need for Officer Safety Equipment and their agency budget cannot support that need. So it was recently when Captain Billy Knox, Division Commander of the Liberty County Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division made it known there was a serious need of high quality body armor of the type that can withstand the impact of a rifle bullet to the vest of an Special Response Team deputy. This request was brought before Crime Stopper Chairman Charlie Costenbader and his Board of Directors who approved $8,000 for purchase of these stand alone level 4A rifle plates to outfit the twelve-deputies Special Response Team (SRT) Unit for the Liberty County S O. Chairman Costenbader said in part ... Our Multi-County Crime Stopper Board of Directors are always pleased to support our first responders and we appreciate the work they do every day for our communities. Both Liberty Co. Sheriff Bobby Rader and Capt. Billy Knox were quick to say how much they appreciate the Multi-County Crime Stopper organization for addressing this Safety need of some of their officers

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