Dayton Christmas tree event

One fun filled Christmas tradition, in those parts, is the Christmas tree event in the hallways of the Dayton Community Center. The 10th Annual Christmas tree event is now inviting entries from local businesses, churches, organizations, service clubs and individuals, All are invited to participate in this festive Dayton community activity. Rules call for the sponsor of each entry to make any size donation to the Dayton Volunteer Fire department as an entry fee. Just turn that donation in with the entry form at the office of the community center on South Cleveland Street in Dayton. Each participant of a decorated Christmas tree should provide their own tree, real or artificial, that is a maximum of 7 feet tall. Each participant should place a sign to identify the entry sponsor. Set and decorating of the trees starts no earlier than Monday November 2nd . at 8 AM. Deadline for all entries in the Christmas tree event to be complete is December 4th at 5 PM. Winner gets a trophy from the Dayton Volunteer Fire Department and recognition from local media. For those who wish to enter this delightful competition at the Dayton Community Center go on line to for an entry form for an entry form or call 936.258.6630 for details.

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