Dayton exploring elevated crossing Hwy 90 @ Waco

With a $700,000 grant, the city of Dayton is continuing to explore options to improve traffic flow through out the city. Dayton City Manager Theo Meloncon said this federal rail commission grant is allowing for study to begin on how to and, if its feasible, to build an elevated T crossing at the rail line that crosses Hwy 90 at Waco St.

In addition to the feasibility study, this grant allows a portion of the engineering work to also be completed, creating what Theo Meloncon called a “shovel ready” project. If the study approves such a build, the completed engineering work would give the Dayton a step up in funding for what is estimated as an approximately $25 to $35 million dollar improvement to the much cussed and discussed rail crossing just west of the US 90 and State Highway 146 intersection. It’s been a decades long priority, but now appears that with the Grand Parkway progress racing towards Dayton the rail crossing is really gaining solid traction.


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