Dayton gets another big grant

The City of Dayton has secured a $700,000 Comprehensive rail, infrastructure and safety improvement grant from the Federal Rail Administration. Dayton City Manager Theo Melancon, on Monday’s Party Line Program, talked more about the grant.

Mr. Melancon said it took a combined effort of local, state, and federal officials to get this grant. Again, The City of Dayton has received a $700,000 FRA grant. The Grant monies will be used to study a grade railroad crossing at the various street crossings in Dayton including crossing US 90. . That grant includes advanced planning and evaluations for Dayton’s biggest nightmare for decades.  Millions of dollars in money is being committed or promised to deal with that issue as announced on KSHN sometime ago. This $700,000 is most for planning and preparation and engineering for that job still some years away before construction begins but this is still some of the greatest advances to date.

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