Dayton & Hardin School Bus Safety

Lets take a look at transportation policies for both the Dayton and Hardin buses.  First, for Dayton ISD. The Assistant Superintendent for Student Services is Travis Young and he passed along the Dayton School district bus plans and protocols. Mr. Young emphasizes that the obvious goal is to transport kids safely to school and get them home at days end. Like all districts, Dayton ISD will be offering both virtual and face to face instruction. School starts in Dayton August 20th. Travis Young pointed out some measures to insure student and driver safety. Riders and drivers are required to wear a mask. All buses have hand sanitizers for use when loading and unloading. Drivers will open windows to allow outside air to circulate in the bus. Each time a route is completed, buses will be cleaned and sanitized focusing on high-touch surfaces. An important note: discipline on Dayton school buses will be strictly enforced and COVID protocols will be observed. These are Dayton's policies. Next, the Hardin ISD Director of Transportation, Robert Peek, says Hardin drivers and riders must wear a mask when on board. Students who do not have masks will be given one to wear.  When the bus returns from each run, drivers will wipe down the buses. In addition, disinfectant misters will fog the buses both after the morning run and the afternoon run. Face to face instruction begins in the Hardin ISD on September 1st. That start date gives the HARDIN Transportation Department more time to insure they have the best plans for the safety of students and drivers in place.

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