Dayton ISD Teacher Spotlight

Dayton ISD Athletic Director Jeff Nations sent out a news release spotlighting a new Dayton ISD teacher. For some the name maybe familiar.  The Teacher is Lainie Fritz, formerly a sports reporter for KPRC television in Houston.  Lainie comes from a family of educators.  Her mother was a second grade teacher for over 30 years and dad is now head football coach at Tulane University in New Orleans. Ms. Fritz attended Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, a journalism major, with emphases on sports. Lainie Fritz said she was looking for a job on the national level when the quarantine hit. Due to COVID-19, many networks were slowing down when it came to new hires, and that gave Lainie lots of time away from that career to reflect on what she really wants to do in life and give her the best chance at happiness. Lainie Fritz continued to think about becoming a teacher which is something, that through her mother, she had a real passion for when growing up. Somewhere the bug really bit until she knew that the time for a change was now.  There is an alternative certification program for those not currently in education but believe maybe its time for a change. Lainie Fritz decided she wanted to be in the classroom. There are many alternative programs in Texas to help those with a degree to become a certified teacher.  According to the news release Dayton ISD has many teachers and administrators meeting today’s challenges head-on and now are winners as a teacher. Dayton Athletic Director Jeff Nations said Ms. Fritz is one shining example of great teachers from other fields now a productive part of Dayton ISD.