Dayton ISD Teacher Spotlight

Jeri Clay

The latest teacher in the Dayton ISD to be spotlighted is Mrs. Jeri Clay, now in her 22nd year with the school district. Mrs. Clay oversees the curriculum delivery of all science students, grade sixth through twelfth. Mrs. Clay says being an educator is the only thing she has ever wanted to be and that comes from a childhood experience where she was able to mentor a friend and help them be successful. Now Mrs. Clay  is helping her other science teachers to be successful. Jeri Clay says that the biggest challenge as an instructional coach is a very current one. That is trying to help her teachers find a balance between teaching face-to-face as well as those students who have chosen to stay at home and learn remotely.  This is a very new world of education. In addition to her duties, she is also the Friday night video director at Bronco Stadium. She has a group of 10 tom 12 students she works with at all home games. Her students run the elaborate video production and are responsible for what is showing on the big new video screen, formerly known as the scoreboard.

Mrs. Clay was the first in her family to earn a college bachelor degree and now also holds two master degrees. Mrs. Clay has carried this on to her own children and pushes them to be successful in  their academic endeavors. This is a continuation of a series by the Dayton ISD spotlighting the very finest Dayton teachers and staff members.

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