Dayton Police Chief address events in Minnesota

Last week, in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota, Dayton Police Chief Rob Vine penned a letter that was posted to the Dayton Police Departments Facebook page. The following are excerpts of that letter. Dayton’s top lawman said the “Thin Blue Line” is thinner because a few individuals who once wore the badge and took an oath to protect and serve their communities have committed an unforgivable offense that resulted in the tragic and terribly unnecessary loss of life of George Floyd. He went on to say the individuals wearing the uniform of a profession whose fundamental duty is to serve the community, to safeguard lives and property, equality, and justice did the very opposite and engaged in behavior that can only be described as criminal. Chief Vine echoed what we have heard from law enforcement across the country, and here we quote Chief Vines Letter. Quote As a police officer, I take great exception to their behavior, their actions, and their indifference. I must stand against it.” End quote. The letter written by Dayton Police Chief Rob Vine pointed out that the “Thin Blue Line” is not a circle. If an officer commits a crime, other officers do not circle around that person and protect them. The “Thin Blue Line” is a line - straight and unbending. If an officer commits a crime or engages in behavior that is not worthy of the profession, the person is removed from the line. Chief Vine ended the letter with the following statement, Quote: I pray for the family of Mr. Floyd. I pray for the City of Minneapolis. I pray for those officers who are still wearing the badge and uniform, who have not forgotten what the Code of Ethics says, who have not forgotten their purpose, and who still have the heart to serve their fellow man and who must deal with the mess these individuals created. I am proud to serve with men and women of integrity. Men and women who demonstrate the Code of Ethics daily. Men and women who serve their community with a dedication to service. Men and women who recognize the badge of their office as a symbol of public faith and do the best they can to earn that faith and trust daily.” Again, these are excerpts from a letter written by Dayton Police Chief. The full unedited letter is below.

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