Dayton Woman urges women to get annual mammogram

From the experts at Houston Methodist Hospital – Baytown we got this very important reminder. While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many disruptions, scheduling an appointment for a yearly mammogram is one routine that should be maintained. Breast cancer screenings and yearly mammograms are a must and here’s proof. Consider Barbara Fregia of Dayton. She credits her commitment to a yearly mammography helping her survive after she was treated for breast cancer in 2019 at the Houston Methodist Cancer Center-Baytown. Barbara Fregia is a 62-year-old Dayton resident, diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in January of last year. She had no family history of the disease. Exams, such as mammograms, were able to find cancer when it’s very small. In the case of the Dayton woman no other symptoms were present. After her diagnosis that she had a very small malignant tumor Barbara’s treatment began with surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiation. Her Cancer team was made up of five real experts.  This team, together with the nursing staff, guided Fregia through everything she needed. All that concluded with her “ringing the bell” in November 2019 to signify the successful end of her treatments. Barbara Fregia of Dayton said many women are so busy taking care of their family  they forget to take care of themselves. These days, Ms. Fregia does not hesitate to offer advice.  She said Women shouldn’t wait to schedule their mammogram. They might not find the cancer in their self-exams, getting an annual mammogram is one of the most important steps you can take to stay healthy. That’s why the Houston Methodist Breast Care Center in Baytown is taking every necessary precaution, during the coronavirus pandemic, to keep every patient and every staff member you and our staff members safe. The Houston Methodist Breast Care Center at Baytown is a nationally accredited facility offering comprehensive imaging services, To schedule a mammogram, online visit call 346-292-PINK (7465).

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