Devers ISD is Growing

On The Party Line Program recently, our guest, Liz Harris, who serves as the Superintendent, as well as Principal, of the school.  Devers is one of 7 ISD’s in Liberty County, but Devers is the only school district that has only  pre-kindergarten through 8 grade in this county. Mrs. Harris said the motto for Devers is Great to Greater – Instruction for this school year is already underway – classes began Monday August 11th, earlier than most, with both virtual and face-to-face learning offered.  One great appeal to the kids at Devers is that classes are only held 4 days a week.  On the party Line KSHN program Mrs. Harris was joined by two of her teachers.  Brooke Fajkus, who is the Pre-Kindergarten teacher and Kristi White, who teaches math to junior high students. Brooke Fajkus, who is from Liberty, said her goal was to work and teach at Devers, based on its well earned reputation. This position is her first teaching position and she has been the Pre-K teacher for 9 years.  This year she has 14 kids in the Pre-K program and when the school year is over they each will know – "How to be a friend, the alphabet, their numbers to 30 and they will have started reading” . Kristi White is the junior high math teacher. One of the classes she teaches is Algebra, which has 4 students enrolled. That gives her time to work individually with each student so they can get a real understanding of the subject. Mrs. White also said – Devers is the place that anybody would want to teach. Even though Devers accepts transfer students all it costs any student to attend Devers is to be dropped off every morning and picked up each afternoon. There is no extra charge to attend.  Liz Harris also pointed out that Devers school does accept transfer students from other districts, and they still have only a few spaces for more children available. 205 students are at Devers now and that is the all time high for their pre-k through 8th grade student body. Parents who would hope to find a slot for their child at Devers need only come by and fill out a transfer form. The district has a committee that looks at the prospective student grades, attendance, and discipline.  She said at Devers they thoroughly check every student. Superintendent/principal Harris also pointed out that – Devers is doing everything to prepare each student for the next step. To find out more call the Devers ISD 936-549-7135.

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