Dollar Tree to Open New Stores in Liberty County

Dollar Tree retail chain has announced that they are locating two new stores in Liberty County. We have reported on this earlier news reports but now we have more details. The first store is nearly complete in Cleveland and is set to open this week, on Thursday August 6th. .    That retail store is located at 1707 E. Houston Street in Cleveland. The second store is in Liberty will not be open until 2021.  According to Kayleigh Painter, the Manager, Investor and Media Relations person for Dollar Tree, a location on North Main Street has been selected, but the official address is not available yet. We are told that is expected to be next door to Buddy’s furniture rental on north Main street in Liberty.  Each store will typically employ 10 to 12 associates, which means the two new stores will provide about 24 new jobs in Liberty County. The Cleveland store will have a “Snack Zone”, that offers a variety of beverages, candies and other snacks. Painter pointed out that Dollar Tree will also have a Snack Zone at its Liberty store, provided that new store building is big enough to accommodate it. Again two new Dollar Tree Stores are coming to Liberty County, the first of which open on Thursday in Cleveland.  If you are not aware with the Dollar Tree chain, they are typically competitive with Dollar General Stores.  

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