DPD works 5 wrecks in one evening

Thursday evening August 20th was a busy one for the Patrol Division of Dayton Police officers with a total of five separate automobile crashes. One of the wrecks left residents in the dark for sometime following the crash that took out a utility pole. Power was out to homes and businesses south of the railroad track and east of Main Street.  That accident involved a motorist who was allegedly driving intoxicated. Another crash of the five Dayton Police worked involved a driver who was said to be driving the wrong way on US 90 merging into the westbound traffic lane and crashed at Liberty Bell Ranch. The Thursday evening crashes were not the only ones in Dayton on Thursday as there were other accidents during the day. In a typical year the Dayton Police Department responds to 400-500 automobile accidents according to Dayton Police Lt Shane Burleigh. On Thursday none of the five wrecks resulted in serious injuries.


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