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Well, early voting is history and the remaining voters who want to be part of this very important primary election process will cast their ballot tomorrow between 7 am and 7pm.  Here is a look at the turnout for casting votes early.  6700 registered Liberty County voters went to one of those 4 early voting boxes and recorded their party primary choices. That was 14% of the registered voters in Liberty County Texas. The largest  turnout was at the Dayton Community Center where 2374 voters filled their responsibility to vote. Cleveland had the second largest turnout at the Cleveland Civic Center with 1975 voters asking to be counted. Liberty was the third busiest early voting spot at the Jack Hartel Building where 1929 went to the polls and in Hardin 728 cast their ballot.  Now only those who waited until the formal election day tomorrow, to vote are to be counted. As always you can hear how they voted after 7 PM Tuesday here on

Again, 14 % of registered voters in Liberty County have voted so far in the party primary. Our election returns broadcast will be available Tuesday after 7 PM. We don’t know how soon we will have those returns but Election Administrator Klint Bush tells us he has agreed to put the count in the hands of the two county party chairs and as soon as that is done he will make the voting results available to the local media for reporting to the general public. Mr. Bush told us that should be about ten minutes after those results are totaled, box by box. It generally takes a few hours for all 30 boxes to totaled and reported. Remember, it is not a simple majority in the primary voting. In races with only two candidates it is that simple but in votes where there are more than two names on the ballot the winner must have 50% of the votes plus 1 to avoid a runoff election.  As far as the local votes are concerned there are three races that present the possibility of being thrown into a run off. They are, for the first elected Liberty County Court at Law Judge #2 with five candidates in countywide voting for the Republican nomination. County Commissioner Pct # 1 has four Republican candidates on the ballot. The commissioner precinct #1 is generally referred to as the Liberty area commissioner and all the voting will be within those precinct #1 boundaries. There are also 4 candidates running for the Liberty County constable precinct #1 where there could also be a run off.Join us , after 7 PM tomorrow and we will get those returns from the Election Administrators office on the air just as soon  a s possible.

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