Entergy ready for TS Hanna

With hurricane season in full swing, Entergy Texas is ready to respond to Tropical Storm Hanna currently forecast to make landfall along the Texas coast. Entergy Texas is also monitoring Tropical Storm Gonzalo as it travels across the Atlantic Ocean. Its that kind of readiness that Entergy customers have come to expect.  Tropical Storm Hanna is expected to make landfall Saturday, bringing with it the potential for heavy rain, flash flooding and high even wind gusts, which may cause power outages across the region. Customers could start seeing impacts from the storm as early as today.  And while Gonzolo is to far away to say its time for everyone to be ready.  Stuart Barrett, vice president of customer service says Entergy Texas is ready now to safely restore power should the storm cause damage and outages around here.  He said the Entergy storm center is a great hub of information on storm readiness, but it really important each customer consider their own personal plans now.  Along with standard storm preparations, Entergy Texas continues to navigate through the pandemic by taking additional preparation steps and adhering to CDC and state guidelines. Crews will continue to practice social distancing, even in the field, and Entergy officials ask customers do the same.  By the way most electrical service in our immediate audience area are Entergy customers but we also have many customers with city of Liberty Electric and Sam Houston Rural Electric Coop and their messages are much the same.   Now specifically here’s how Entergy Texas works to keep their customers updated: Download the Entergy App at Customers can use the app to report outages or check on the status of power at their home or business. Entergy also keeps their social media sites updated throughout an event. Follow Entergy Texas on Twitter at @EntergyTX and Facebook at

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